Term 4 Garage Band Learning Intentions and Success Criteria.

WALT create new and/or familiar notes on recorder

WILF: students demonstrate their ability to play known and new notes on recorder

WALT create a Garage Band project with a minimum of 3 tracks which includes their own recorder playing

WILF students create a Garage Band project that features a minimum of 3 tracks, one being their own recorder track.

WALT create sounds that blend together

WILF Students’ Garage Band projects feature sounds that blend together well.


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It’s only one more week until our production starts and everyones excited about it, everyones involved and excited to start, everyones knows there lines. The whole school

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We have a $70 Budget to provide lunch for the class, we need to get under the budget and our teacher will pay for it, but its whoever has the best plan.

Our Plan is:

$70 Budget (Peppercorn)

  • 3 Family Sized Pizza’s $53.70
  • 1 Pasta Bolognese WITH NO CHEESE   $12.90 = $66.60
  • 2 Homebrand Coles Colas 1.30 each =$2.60 = $69.20




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My night before christmas is being excited all day and during the night i would check to see the present and attempt to open a present.

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Today we played a maths game based on angles, we had a angle every 45 degrees to squirt something from the hose, it was to know our angles, it was a funny game because some of the characters moves were funny.


Here’s the link if you want to play:





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Today we had a day all about debating over Goldilocks and whether Goldilocks or the 3 bears were right. The class split into half and had a debate over who did the wrong thing. We never came to a decision during the debate but there was a lot of objecting.

After playlunch, we had 2 hours to create a storybook with 6 scenes of the main parts of the story. The choice was ours on whether we were going to defend Goldilocks or the 3 bears.

We chose to defend Goldilocks but the choices were even in our class. When we were debating most of the class chose to defend the 3 bears.

The code you have to type in to see the book is: UVC532

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I think the Web 2 Tools are great for our learning for using new technology when we get older and we should use more Tools to help our learning.

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